Dan Mrusko,

Owner & Tattooer

Dan has been tattooing since 1997, working in all styles of tattoo art, and learning from many great tattoo artists. Over the years he has developed a love for the classic American and Japanese style of tattooing, drawing, and painting. He has worked in the Philadelphia area most of his career, although traveling throughout the country to work tattoo conventions has always been a passion.

In 2004 he opened a shop called “Royal Tattoo Company” which closed its doors in early 2010 only to give way to his new shop here called Grace Tattoo. With a love of, and life long dedication to art of all kinds, he continues to expand his knowledge of the craft of tattooing while simultaneously working hard to expand the reputation of his tattoo studio. Dan bases his work in the tradition of the craft while also keeping up with the best in current trends and techniques.