Billy Ferrier,


From an early age, Bill’s passion for drawing was apparent to all of those around him. What began as simple tracings of his favorite comic book heroes quickly evolved into exceptionally detailed recreations and imaginative new characters brought to life with just a pencil. This attention to detail and the vivid scenes displayed in his textbooks were very much frowned upon from the nuns at school.

As Bill continued to draw, his interest in art was often stifled by those offering guidance around him. Conceding that drawing could only be a “hobby” with the age of computer graphics emerging, Bill was steered into more conventional professions. He spent the next eight years traveling while working in hotel management, and four more years in the sales arena once he was settled back in Pennsylvania. While he excelled in both fields, Bill continued with his artwork. Whether it was drawing portraits for family, painting murals for local restaurants, or designing tattoos for friends, Bill’s flawless creations were gaining the interest of all those who saw them.

In the fall of 2010, Bill realized that he wanted to turn his artwork into a career. Throwing caution to the wind, he resigned from his cushy sales job and moved to Phoenixville to make his dream a reality. Having completed his apprenticeship under Dan at Grace Tattoo, Bill is now a full time tattoo artist, and loving every minute of it!